A great variety of affordable products

We sell both a targeted selection of products and a wide range covering customers everyday needs.

We are constantly growing and our websites are filled to the brim with affordable products. Our goal is to provide customers with different webshops where they can find exactly what they are looking for. We currently have three webshops where customers can find either a targeted selection of products or a wide range covering their everyday needs.

We want our customers to feel safe when purchasing products from us, and that’s why all of our webshops are certified. In addition, we also provide our customers with a “Satisfied Customer Guarantee”, which gives them the opportunity to return their product within 30 days if it’s not to their satisfaction.

Our largest webshop. We sell everything from phone cases and toys to beauty products and electronics. Our goal is to provide everything that our customers might need, at different rates.

ProIX was born out of a desire to make complicated choices easy. No one should have to spend hours in a store searching through a jungle filled with shapes, colours, weights, materials and advanced namnes. Less time spent online equals more time spent on the padel court – that is our ambition.

With nearly a decade in the e-commerce industry, we’ve become a leading international brand known for high-quality products at competitive prices. Our global reach ensures a seamless shopping experience for customers worldwide

Our own range of products, designed and produced by us. With a tighter control over the manufacturing we can offer increased value for our customers. Sold on our own and other webshops throughout Europe.

Why should anyone keep their secrets? eNerds is our digital agency that assists our customers in everything e-commerce. Web development, graphic design, SEO, or just consulting.



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