This is us

JTI Ventures is a young and fast-growing e-commerce company. Our story began 2016 in a small garage in southern Sweden and today we are outgrowing our warehouse and office with over 30 employees. We do everything in-house in close collaboration between our competent teams.

We take care of everything from receiving deliveries and writing product information to sending packages and helping customers. In addition to this, we also have a competent team of designers, programmers and marketers. Having everything in-house simplifies communication and opens up for close collaborations between our competent teams.

We have several partnerships with reputable suppliers and producers which allows us to advertise competitive rates to our customers. Thanks to these great partnerships we are able to offer a diverse range of products, spanning different niches and industries. We sell products in several well-known international webshops as well as in our own tailored webshops.

What makes us different

The products of our suppliers are safe in the hands of our content creators. They will showcase your products in the best possible way by providing detailed product information in several languages. In addition, we also often take in-house product photos to insure that products are displayed in an accurate and favourable way to our customers.

By having our warehouse located in the same building as our office, content creators have easy access to all of our products. This means that our content creators can examine every product closely and write the best possible product information.

Partner up with us

At JTI Ventures we are looking for solid and long-term partnerships with suppliers and producers. Our top priority is quality of products, rather than notoriety or size of suppliers. We welcome independant and smaller suppliers who meet our standards of quality with equal opportunity to our larger suppliers who meet the same standards.

Trusted payment methods

We want our customers to feel safe while shopping on our websites. Therefore, customers can choose from several of the most common payment methods while checking out.

Fast and secure international shipping

We ship all of our packages with DHL and Postnord, the two leading logistic services in Sweden and the Nordic countries, to make sure that our customers orders are handled in the very best way. In addition, we also provide express shipping within Sweden.